anyone want an awesome story?

does anyone here want to hear an amazing story, whether its about football, Minecraft or about living fruit! ( I have a pretty good imagination) just ask me!

also if want help with writing your own story than ask. my mummy thinks that I’m pretty good at writing made-up stories!


want awesome football tips?

hi, is anyone having trouble with their favourite footy trick (or soccer if your american) than definetly let me know (I play for a proper junior football club) I have done a rainbow flick, overhead kick, cruyf turn and many more! (I don’t mean I’m a pro at fifa 16, even though I am) also if you want help with how to score like its the easiest thing in the world in Fifa 16 or defend like a rock or just leave your markers embarrassed ( I can tell you how to do these things in real life as well you know!) so if you want to be like Messi, Ronaldo, Zinadine Zidane and Maradona combined than please do ask!